I’m Not The Man In The Mirror, But Who Is???


That is not me, I see a different man, one who doesn’t care about the pit anymore. He knows he’s gonna fall but unlike his old self he now graciously jumps off the cliff regardless…

But then I ask, what happened to him; what went wrong? Then again I realise that maybe, many days of guilty feelings and constant emotional pressure got him here…

Now ruthless and a lost soul in the world fighting ferociously to have his life back, at least so he could recognise the man in the mirror; the one he used to know; one that gave him every reason to smile, live, and of course love again.

But where could that man be? Has he become of the world, or does he reside still inside this man standing in front of the mirror? Look closely, and you just might find him… right where you stand!!!

The man in the mirror!