Oh Stubborn Heart!!! 

Oh stubborn heart

Why do you cause me so much pain? 

You troll the entire city of hopelessness 

only to leave me in anguish and disdain.

You’ve relegated me to the flangs.

And even when I want out,

your persistence keeps me locked in the deep.

Wallowing in addiction I’ve become your slave,

my feet’s too heavy and unable to move.

And I understand your strength comes

from the ray of sunlight,

straining through that bright tiny hole;

That illume you say is your victory song,

but what you keep forgetting is the darkness.

Darkness that will soon consume you to itself

until there’s nothing left…

I’m weak, tired, and inundated.

For everything I ever owned

no longer belongs to me,

and all I’d been trying to reach

keeps going far-off farther away from me.

You clinch your fist

and cling to that wand you hold.

Your resilience is second to non,

you’ve got me all worked up in your delusional fairytale.

And I’ve seen great kings fall to your mellow.

Albeit I made a vow to not be like them,

what do I do

when all of me you own?
Oh stubborn heart!

Let me saddle this horse of freedom.

My soul yearns

but you keep me bounded at both ends.

And your holding on for too long drains me,

it saps every cell in me until I’m all dried up.

Let that first drop of rain touch me on my black skin,

let it turn my leaves green;

let it revive me.

Let my troubled soul come out that jar,

set this genie free.

For I’m ready to let go;

ready to fly away.


I’m ready to find my lost sheep!!