Melt Away…

Of all my friends

I’ve hurt you the most.

Of all my brothers,

You are but to me close

Only yesterday

did I fight to ignore you,

but today,

you’re the first to say good morning.

I do not even consider you an option

yet you made me your choice,

my name your daily caption,

and still I pretend not to hear your voice.

You take me as I am,

Others only see my blemishes.

They curse me with their hands

Yours will wrap around me until my

heart it embellishes.

I’ve turned my heart into a boulder,

and made it a fist

Yet again and again you pursue me,

and never try to desist.

Am sorry for always walking away

For your name alone,

deserves my highest praise!


The Palette

I took a stroll to the art store the other day to pick up something I’d always been thinking of getting – a palette. And with every stare at it on the desk, a smile rolls out my face, my heart’s just loving every gaze of it. I watched a couple of tutorials from this wonderful painter Angela Fehr, and after looking at her palette, I just wanted to have it, so I walked into the store and there it was, a much larger palette than the first one I got.


I haven’t painted in a lonnnnnng while, and now just knowing that I’ll soon start painting again just gets me all the more exhilarated that my passion seems ahead of my imaginative and cognitive mind. Can’t wait to get my hands on the brush again…  Aw I just looked at it again and guess what, am there already hehehe… I hope my painting turns out like Gregory Strachov’s someday, that dude is sick though.