My Dream Girl, My Sunshine, My Queen.

Now some of my blog posts all started out from here, I always have my digital newspaper in my hands and well instead of reading through I write or punch a few words out of it.

Today isn’t any different as I think through while on my toilet sit. My thoughts take me into a place that I love to go – love planet. I’ve heard these words swing through my head like a pendulum, “some people are meant to stay in your heart, but not in your life… (paraphrased though).

Some people come into your life and leave something inside of you that you always reflect on, you look back and even when things didn’t work out, you smile and are glad your paths crossed. Others just leave without saying goodbye, while some, maybe just one sticks with you forever (now that’s the part I love to hear… Hehehe).

My name was never Mr. Cheeks cos I can’t remember ever being part of the group ‘Lost Boyz’ neither was ma name “the Player”, but I love ma woman when I love her. I love to give it as natural as it comes, no faking, even when we live in a society that negates faithfulness, I ponder about it almost everyday especially when I look at a few married folks. Nobody holy pass they say, but that’s one line I wouldn’t wanna cross. Everybody says that just before they say ” I do” but what happens next? Hmmmm, got me thinking…

The human mind loves adventure, I love it too, but if there is a mindset I’ve been trying to build even while ma house is barely just on the foundation level, then it had to be that. Daddy loved the ladies, though I never met him but he had a nick name too (Yaro Mai Kyau meaning Fine Boy) so he had a thing for women.

There is this thing about love that i seem to be insync with, Beauty. Not facial beauty but when you can look at your girl/hommie and see that beauty right from inside their heart, your eyes xray deep in before falling on the face to make you look at them just a lil different than the next person does. You see what no one else sees and believe only what your heart tells you.

I really dont have much to tell about her (the ‘L’ word), but I sure have loads to say about you… Ma Sunshine.

Immaginary as you are, I see you right before my eyes taking a walk with me just by the sidewalk. As boring as i could be you still enjoy my company and laugh at my jokes, as long as I tell it; doesn’t matter if it’s funny or not, it’s coming out of my mouth so, it had to be funny. Many guys want you Doctors, Lawyers, Bank Managers Pilots you name them, but nah… You want just me, your Writer, your Architect, your Music box, and best of all, your Poet.

I write you notes, poems, songs, I tell all my friends about you and they just wanna meet you, cos they know when Snowball’s in love, he’s just in love. I know for a fact you can cook cos mama asked me not to worry already, she always says and blesses me with these words, God will bless you with a wife that sure knows how to cook good, she knows how much her boy used to love food. Come with me to the games once in a while, you don’t have to be a fan, we can “pop some corns” while watching that champions league game. I’ll tell you my deepest fears knowing you’ll help me conquer them. My eyes are always locked in yours always telling you how beautiful you are, because in you, I see something that’s bigger than me, bigger than the lustful thoughts of other women, bigger than just a relationship.

I look at your picture and all I wanna do is paint it, a masterpiece hanging on my wall, that work of art made by me, your Painter.

And yes I love to keep fit sometimes so the sleepless nights don’t stress me out, would you come jug with me one time? I’ll create a magic box with cardboards for you and have a lil gift inside, would you love it? Let me loose your braids when they get old, you could sleep while I do that, albeit tasking especially with the tiny ones but hey, I’ll do it, because of you I’m a better man, I’m a king and a good one too. My big bulgy eyes never get tired of staring deep into your not-so-big eyes, cos in them I see inspiration, drive that makes me want to get up and do something, cos I can’t come to terms with not giving you a better life. You are my woman, my perfect match, the woman of my dreams, one that fills in the gap (Look you got me rapping already… lol), thus can’t wait to fall back to you every night.

My eyes don’t search they find, my heart doesn’t break it mends, and my lips… they don’t lure, they only try hard not to fail whenever they open.

Be my Queen, cos I am your King already, and if there’s something this King knows how to do best, then it’s how to love you more and more like that song by Joe, More and More… Can’t promise you the world, but I can promise you this… all of me . And when you have that, then you have the world…


Who Would Cry For The Little Ones?


I live in a country where communal clashes, tribal/ religious often termed political (which I frown at sometimes) conflict/crises is the norm, and before the government intervenes sometimes, a good number of lives and property would have been lost.

The thought of this often drives me crazy and teary-eyed, I think of these little ones and their bullied parents, who live in this fragile world without a voice, and the only time they seem to have one is when their names vanish into thin air, they’re not born hearing-impaired but they sure can’t speak.

Growing up, I know a people who lived in the woods and villages; homesteads, they seldom have offices, perhaps the only pen they hold in their hand is a hoe, and the only sentence they can make out of that pen is a ridge, thus the only book they get to write is a but a farm. Season by season they plough, they have a way of life and it ends in these farms, we survived and still do because of these people. They don’t have hospitals but clinics, buildings but huts, schools but mushrooms, and don’t think for a second they have them in abundance, but, they still are a happy people and remain contented with all they have and are.

As a kid, I used to hear my mom speak of a few clashes that will quickly die down somehow, but not today, not again. They’ve been driven away by insurgencies, out of their farms, their ways of life has been throttled and now heading downhill; take the gun from a soldier and he’s nothing…

These days when I read about these killings and incursions, so many things come to mind, how will they survive if they can’t go to their farms? You destroy their crops forcing them out of the land that gives them everything, you who? The almighty bully; leviathan; fierce and ferocious mean enemy, is that all you know how? You cut the food out of their mouths, burn their houses and slaughter them like chickens. But then again I ask you, what will they do if they can’t go to their farms? I lay on my bed as I wonder… Each time my mom traveled home (the village I.e), she’d come back with loads of food crops, yams were my favorite and couldn’t wait for her to return, these days I’m afraid I can’t tell you that much. They now live in constant fear of been attacked by foreigners on their farms who again rape their women, kings and government where thee? Vision goes dim with no sight of thy shadows, not even with a telescope.

I see these little ones crying over a meal, crying because they only need a meal, they don’t want to know how their parents get it, all they want is a meal, and it is their right to have one and nothing more. Unfortunately, all their parents would want is their once safe farmlands, and interestingly, all the farms want is justice, they don’t want any red liquids of human origin running on their precious green skin but heavenly rains from the sky, that’s all they need. Not your bows, not your arrows, and not your darn machetes; not your guns and daggers, certainly not your African science. But all these little ones would want is for Peace to be restored back to their lands that once breath life and sent them to schools, and made presidents off them, that is what they need. I only wish they could have that…

These are only wishes locked in my mind, locked inside snowballminds left for you to read, and I only wish these wishes could come true, not only on this part of the world but everywhere, Africa, the Middle-East, Europe, just everywhere again…

Love Falling From The Blue Sky

My eyes are looking at my nose, my nose looking at my mouth, my mouth looking at my ears, and my ears are trying to steal glances at my eyes… The world is like a circle, and I’m just watching it spin.

Sometimes that’s always the case with love, you’re loving another, and that person you’re loving is loving another who in turn is in love with another and it goes on and on. But there comes this special moment when as the eye looks at the nose, the nose turns back around and looks at the eye, that’s a moment that changes everything, and suddenly everything is beautiful again. So beautiful that it feels so new, like love never existed the whole time until now. If you ever had a chance to be in love once, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about.

I see love as that safe haven, that mysterious place that has only but beautiful tales, a place where two ying yang twins meet to complement each other, that place where the common goal is but trust, faithfulness, kindness, truthfulness, and all the attributes that comes with the word. That is the realness of the word – love. Each time I hear it, it strikes me as though I wanna keep it for as long as I can, maybe till the end of time. But each time we fall out of it, some give up on it, but the stronger ones try to pick up the pieces and start anew… It doesn’t matter how horrible it ended, or how shattered you were the last time, all that matters is, this time you’re stronger, better, plus this time, you’re fit for love… You look up, and that amazing person falls out of the big blue sky, sent to only you, there your heart opens, there it syncs with this heavenly being, and right there, love takes you both captive, and swallows you up leaving no traces of pain, sadness, or anything awful… And now you know why the whole time you were never prepared.

But guess what? Preparation just met opportunity, Seneca watches from that blue sky and smiles, yes again, it just happened…