Insomnia??? Uhhh not again!!!

I’ve been awake for quite some time now, like real long hours. My eyes just won’t close again after waking up and I virtually can’t do a darn thing. I’ve lingered in my thoughts ever since until now when I decided to pick my phone and try to punch a few words out of it.

Sleep used to be my thing. I’ve had some awful experiences with sleep way back, like leaving my friends hanging on a show that I invited them to (and we were suppose to have a performance that night… Oh no!) and missing an exam in my 300L. Those were horrible experiences actually that I seldom talk about. It wasn’t totally my fault though but you might wanna ask again, whose fault was it then…really??

You know as an architecture student, nights after studio submissions were usually awful like in the case of the show. And after nights of all think, draw, and no sleep you come home uber exhausted with the mind set of whoa, at last I can finally sleep peacefully today, you drop your bag on the floor, sit or lay on the couch and at times with maybe a plate of hot juicy meal staring at you, but you open your eyes and you notice some light flashing through them. In your mind you’re like who’s flashing that touch through my eyes, it’s kinda blurry at first but you soon realise that yay! It’s yet another morning long gone already and at times even afternoon with that meal still where you left it… Wth! There’s nothing you can do about it at that point cos yesterday’s far gone. My friends always make reference to that day and I wish I never left them hanging; wish I never closed my eyes that evening.. (Maybe that’s where my fault comes in yea?)
On the other incident, I read from 12 a.m down 6 in the morning cos I had two papers to write but then again I snapped out just like seizure, woke up two hours later perplexed like I just got out of a coma, arrived 30mins late for the first paper so… Yea I failed that course automatically.

University days were definitely fun and we really had great breathtaking moments as a class with all sorts of And that’s where I got infected by the virus -Insomnia virus. Many years after leaving school and I still battle with nights without sleep, the only times I hate it though are nights when I’m left helpless with nothing to do, but for the most part, I kinda love it in a strange way cos I’ve found a way of containing it, so, if I’m not writing or producing a song then I just might be trying to finish up your house… Hehehe!
But today, I’m not doing either of those, instead I’m blogging about why I’m still up at this hour without closing my lashes when others are in Mars, Jupiter and some, uhmmm… right next to me! Hehehe don’t get it twisted though.. Lol!