Gazing At The Stars…

It’s so refreshing lying back on da mat gazing at these beautiful stars. Thank God for the rains at least the breeze’s no longer stagnant, and with every brush on ma skin I kinda’ wonder, what lies in the deep? Beyond the galaxies, beyond the darkness, there has to be something in their, the Holy book tells me so…

I’ve had cause to make wishes sometimes cos I’d just seen a shooting star, other times I just get lost in ma thoughts trying to fix it, hrrrrrr it takes a lil while to mend habbits I figure, but it doesn’t hurt trying each day either.

These days all that clouds ma mind is trying to fix ma new crib, trying to create beauty with limited resources, possible?? (Anything’s possible hehe). And that’s what amazes me. How I’ve moved from being mama’s little boy to an adult, and now what, a young bachelor?? Hmmmm really weird if you ask me. I look at myself sometimes and ask dude, so in a couple of years now you’re not gonna be single anymore?? I’ve never envied any leadership roles in the past and this… Yea pls don’t say I already know, I’m gonna be needing those qualities, yo!!! Keeping a wife at home is no easy job let alone having kids. You’re gonna need to be hard sometimes with no room for indecisiveness, I only hope to have a partner that’s gonna complement that.

It’s getting blurry out here and ma eyes are beginning to go dim… Sleep’s knocking on ma door and I’m gladly going to give in, sorry for choosing her over you but then again, its been a long day, whew…hahaha! 🙂


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