Tis so HOT In Hrrrr…

My crazy friend Molosky said “ba a sabawa da zafin Lafia”, meaning, you don’t get use to the heat here in Lafia. He said that a couple ‘a years back when I visited him, fact is I couldn’t relate to it. I saw it just like another phrase but now, I’ll have to learn how to get used to that statement since I can’t get use to the heat. The weather’s just so scorching hot, reason why I never spend a week each time I had to come visit. The only joy about coming here is when you’re going back; just as you approach Jos you begin to feel the cool breeze blow you on the skin and all that moist just gets wiped off by the chilly wind emanating from the coolest city in Nigeria -Jos!! Oh how I miss you already.

Tis a cool> oops … sorry hot sunday afternoon and I’m out in the courtyard lying on my back receiving some fresh air. I can’t go in cos its way too hot in thrrr and the current is soooo uber high right now that I can’t even plug any gadgets to it (I wish.. :> ).

The electricity here is ridiculous and my conclusion, the solar market will definitely boom with little or less effort lest my lungs get choked up by carbon monoxide fuming off from these generators. So, investors where art thou, cos this city needs thee badddddly…lol!!!



  1. Oh my,
    Welcome to the club of all of us who miss Jos! I miss the cool breeze, the warmth of the people and the hilly/rocky terrain…
    Ain’t no place like home. Well, in your case, I guess I should say welcome home….lol

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