…THE TRUTH ABOUT PH_ (Passion & Hobby)

The hairs on my skin rose to the occasion from the very first moment I heard his deep toned voice on radio. I was mesmerised and I said to myself, oh I pray he’s a Nigerian. It didn’t take me long before I realised that he wasn’t just a Nigerian but also a Jos boy, and wasn’t just a Jos boy but a Junuco boy as well. This means, it’s someone I know to some certain degree. It was MI, Mista Incredible.
He stepped into the Nigerian music industry and in less than a year he had everybody talking. No wonder he named the album “Talk About It”.
On one of his songs MI rapped … “I flow with a passion”.. what I think? Its deep. And there’s more to that statement than just a punch line.
Its so easy to put back the words together for some folks, while for others, its just a cliché.
As easy as they sound, those poignant words could be enigmatic and can thus imply … “I know my onions”. How about you, do you know yours?
Give it some thought. Ever stripped yourself deep down beneath your skin where beauty lies to ask yourself what your passion is? Forget the fame, the job title, the comfort zone, but, is that really you?
Often times, people find themselves in medical schools and what not, not because they actually wanted to, but for the simple fact that okay, my dad is a successful doctor and me being the first son or daughter, it just had to run in the family, and in as much as I crave for a carrier in music or painting, my chances are but slim or even none at all cos my dad thinks am better off a doctor (because am good at it) than in my obscure villa which he considers rather obnoxious and bleak.
Other times its been driven by parental loss, responsibilities of being a father or a single parent that came quicker than you thought deep down to widowhood.
All these could actually restrain you from getting closer to your dreams and until you listen to yourself in that claustrophobic state and pick up the little pieces that make up the beautiful story called “you” , you might never get a chance to pull yourself out of the doldrums.
It’s 4: 00 a.m and it’s been three hours since I began to write. All so dark just me and my deemed light coming from a phone. Tell me what in the world will keep a man awake in the middle of the night all glued to his clutch pencil and paper(diary) just writing? Passion; hobby… haha yeah that. And hobbies like it as not once in you, they never leave, they remain deep inside of you until the end of time.. Fact!!
Someone once said, whatever you consider your hobby, put a little business sense into it and bingo!! Its a hit. Massive success. (That was my big brother some years ago). To the fact, most people are oblivious of their hobbies and often times tend to pretend or even lie about them when asked either in a job application or better yet to themselves. Nobody wants to know how bookworm you are. All they wanna know is how you’re gonna fit in to that field of application and how your impeccable ideas and commitment can turn their organisation around. Picture perfect, if your hobby isn’t anywhere near teaching or impacting knowledge unto others, for the simple fact that you obtained a first class degree or an upper class back in College doesn’t give you a good enough reason to be in those four walls. It’s simply more than that. It takes passion, skill and best of all, patience, lest you flare out your temper at the most cretinous questions asked even when it’s not so ditsy.
Not everyone has the patience to sit down with a pen seven straight hours writing on a blank note, writing what? But to some people, its a way of life, its something they love doing, something they crave for. And while others think its like comprehending with the one that really matters, what i think? Its the honest part of you. You don’t lie to your diary, at least not me.
So imagine taking a hobby for a career? Remember it’s something that gives you an ineffable joy and brings fulfillment to your soul. Tell me, why won’t you excel and not give it your best shot when it’s all that you know. Its something innate, burried in you, spontaneity you’d say, build on it and you’ll bloom like roses. You’ll strategize every minute and find better ways of doing what you know how to do best until it reaches a point where you stop thinking. You become an expert. And experts, they dont think (Frank Lloyd Wright)…