Release Therapy!!! Why Holding It???

Tis 3 a.m and am forced to close my lashes by this wonderful Power Holding Company.. People like me with little or no access to alternative source of electricity will have to go through this on a daily basis at least before it gets better. I wouldn’t lie though, to some degree, power supply in my country Nigeria has greatly improved but you know, the human mind is never satisfied no matter how hard you try and instead, we just appreciate you negatively hehe… I have a deadline to meet on a whole bunch of works of which would’ve been close to say uhmmm… 60% completion by morning. But just half way into the night, we’re experiencing power shortage already.. huhhhh!!! The cause? really obscure coz I can’t smell any rains or thunderstorms close by, neither do I see a fallen pole somewhere, may be some internal problems then… yeah! internal problems.. maybe!! I hope there’ll be internal problems when bills come hanging on my doorpost, or get to see a slight difference in my cost per current consumed, or maybe some reductions in my monthly fixed meter maintenance fee. Then I’d be able to strike a balance and understand why I had to go to bed early, why I’d have to lay on my bed with insomnia boldy written on my chest, and why I’d have to get some extra fuel to run my (I beta pass my neighbour) generator just not to dissapoint my clients the next day. In a crazy way though tis always been a Deja vu with the replay button stuck right inside my nose getting pressed by every breath that I breathe out.
Tonight I lay aggravated, albeit agitated at first, but now all that surrounds me is darkness and with my eyes wide open I type, hoping for a better day.. someday… More like the rainy days after the storm…
Tis been Snowball thinking out loud, in the mind I.e. And though it wasn’t intended for you to see/hear, sorry I made you look/listen. I thought only I could hear, haha!… 1, 2, 3, 4,…. 9, 10,.. Until I hop into lalaland.. Blah.. blah… blahbablaah!!


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