Money Spending Formula?? Or uhmmm… The “3” Formula!!!

My very first blog post and I’m wondering just what to write about. The other day after my boss and I had gone through the stress of all work and no play… we finally wrapped it up with this presentation and shortly afterwards came the happy moment… “Please make my slim wallet fat and add up some weight or even get it obese,” i wouldn’t mind that at all… lol! So after making me happy he left me with these words… Emma! Let me ask you, how do you spend your cash? See, what I normally do – I share mine into three equal parts, one for family, one for my personal needs or what I call running cost, and the last one takes care of my project he said. Hmmm… Interesting and dumbfounded I stood and watched him walk away!! What I thought? It makes a whole lot of sense to me, nothing negative. Well if I never had a spending plan before, at least now I do. Or maybe I did have one in the past, last time i checked, it wasn’t working! So how about we give this a try… Before then though, Bambi my friend just made half a million bucks not long ago and within a split second, he blew it all up, nothing left but just passports and atm cards in his empty wallet. I’m sure by now some of you’d be like… I bet he’s talking about me!!! But let’s just cut to the chase while I let you chew on that. Have you been such people who spent all their cash quicker than they got it, or have you been at the other end swimming in flat pockets coz you couldn’t give an account of how you squandered your hard earned precious gold? Word is, I was just like you a couple of years ago, so hard to get, yet so easy to spend. Tis been a case of “no spending plan” and everything that came just got washed away by flood plus, not even a single penny got saved. Apparently, if a problem came, of cause it had to be bailed out, thereby incurring tons and tons of depths that would add up to the spends of the next probable income. Probable because in a sense, there is little or no chance at all that it’s gonna come again and well if it eventually does, perhaps there was no stipulated time or period. Thus, money fixed or intended for a need could as well be diverted for a want without a second thought, and possible cause of action? Simply indiscipline!

The best way to use money often times seems like the hardest thing to do especially when in hand. This popular cliché says a bird in hand is worth ten in the bush…. But I wouldn’t say the same for money, instead I’d simply say or put this up, < “ money in hand without a plan is worth  nothing at all.” So what’s the way out?

  • How do you make the best of your limited resources
  • How do you get what you need and not what you want. Best of all…
  • How do you solve your problems in full and not in part…

Call it the sharing formula or better yet, the spending triangle. But I call it The “3” Formula… a saving grace for all…

Let’s see how it goes on my next blog post… But remember, save some for the rainy days!!! haha…


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